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Self-Serve Laundry



  • 6 Kg capacity Top Load washers - for small to medium size loads of 6 kilos   or less.

  • 8 Kg capacity Front Load industrial washers - for families of 2 people or large loads also for comforters, beddings, curtains, etc. 

  • 16 Kg capacity Front Load Industrial washers - for larger loads of king size comforters and beddings. This size is a favorite of small families of up to 4 people for their clothes.




  • 8 Kg capacity commercial dryers - small to medium size loads. Allows to dry quickly.  

  • 15 Kg capacity Industrial dryers - for medium size loads.

  • 20 Kg capacity Industrial dryers - for large size loads. 

  • 25 Kg capacity Industrial dryer - Need more space  extra large capacity size loads. 

Load and Leave Laundry Service

  • Just sort your laundry and LOAD it in the washer of your choice.

  • Add your detergent and start the machine.

  • Tell our Laundry specialist what machines you are using and LEAVE.

  • Come back to pick up your laundry all dried and folded.


      Labor charge is P 50 to P 100 per washer & dryer (includes folding and bagging).

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